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2014-04-03 22:34:25 by EaglescoutZach

Hi my name is Zach, I saw Draw with Jazza and decided to make an account. I am interested in drawing cartoons and learning how to animate.


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2014-04-04 11:06:21

Hi Zach! Welcome to Newgrounds!
If you have questions about anything, just ask! :D

(Updated ) EaglescoutZach responds:

Thanks, the only thing i am having trouble with is submitting art stuff. I don't have any good art software and just use My Paint, so nothing i do on it can be submitted because of the format. Are there any good free art software?


2014-04-11 00:14:55

Check the wiki under creator resources for art (and art101.newgrounds.com). You'll find links to free apps you can download or use online. I didn't notice PaintTools SAI on the list (http://painttool-sai.en.softonic.com/). I've never used it but I think lots of art regs do.

If you have any other questions or want more suggestions/opinions, feel free to post in the art forum lounge.

Good luck :)